Eric D. Legare

Freelance Creature TD

For all types and styles of projects.

Cloth, muscle, skin, hair and crowd simulations.

For Houdini, Maya, 3dsMax, Nuke and more.

I am a Freelance Creature TD who specialize in animator friendly Maya rigs and high end Houdini Creature Effects work like muscle/fat/skin/fur/cloth/crowd simulations.

Previously I have worked as a Research and Development TD at WETA and a Lead Creature TD at ILM. I have also worked at games studios such as Ubisoft.

I also provide Pipeline development services, I have been writing tools for Houdini, Maya, 3dsMax, Nuke and others since 2006.

I am a BC, Canada citizen and resident, I have a CAVCO number, I am incorporated and ready for freelance or remote work.

Just contact me at so I can bring my extensive experience to your project.